Photo by Scott Suchman for Washington National Opera


La Cenerentola, 1817

Washington National Opera
Simulcast from the Kennedy Center to Nationals Park

This version of Rossini’s Cinderella may be the best ever for a simulcast on the big screen. The singing was sweet, charming and memorable. Joan Guillen’s set and costumes painted the stage with vibrant color. Stage director Joan Font kept the action going at a fast clip. Albert Faura was the lighting designer and Xevi Dorca was choreographer. Italian conductor Speranza Scappucci made her WNO debut leading the orchestra with authority and assurance.

The camera loved all of the performers and Scappucci as well. Our cameras captured her in action during the overture, plus we included her in a sequence of shots during the storm scene. This classic fairy tale was perfect for young children and even older kids…like me. It was a fun story to tell and a big challenge for the simulcast crew. Now the truth can be told - we love fairy tales.

Enjoy a brief video that captures the experience of going to the stadium with family and/or friends for a evening of the Washington National Opera: